Friday, September 16, 2016

Five Websites Every Native Plant Lover Needs in Their Arsenal

More and more people are finding the value and beauty of using native plants in their landscapes.  The internet and social media play a large role in this growing trend and useful information is right at our fingertips.  From where to find native plants to informative blogs, seasoned native plant gardeners and professionals keep us informed and make it possible for us to find what we're looking for.  Below is a list of five informative websites to keep in your internet pocket.  
Florida Native Plant Society

The Florida Native Plant Society website is your one stop shop for all things native plants.  Their site offers a "native plants for your area" tool where you can search your county to see what grows there.  This is very useful for the novice just getting started or for the seasoned gardener to reference for ideas.  You will also find a list of events such as native plant sales and other fun happenings around the state.  If you are looking to get a little more involved, you can become a Florida Native Plant Society member.  Once you join your local chapter, you will be able to attend monthly meetings and mingle with like-minded folks, volunteer, take field trips and listen to educational speakers.  Take a look around the Florida Native Plant Society HERE!  Visit the Florida Native Plant Society blog for informative articles HERE!

Florida Association of Native Nurseries

The Florida Association of Native Nurseries website is where you can find a native plants nursery in your area.  Search your county for retail nurseries, wholesale growers, landscape professionals, nursery and landscape products, environmental professionals and commercial services.  You will also find tips on selecting Florida native plants, learn about plant communities and more.  Visit Florida Association of Native Nurseries HERE!

Florida Wildflower Foundation

The Florida Wildflower Foundation is where you want to be to learn about our beautiful wildflowers.  Learn about the importance of Florida's native wildflowers, find resources for Florida native ecotype wildflower seeds and useful tips for growing wildflowers in your landscape.  Browse around Florida Wildflower Foundation HERE!  Jump right to Florida Wildflower Cooperative and purchase Florida native ecotype wildflower seeds HERE!

Atlas of Florida Plants

The Atlas of Florida Plants is an absolute necessity and a website that everyone should keep handy.  Atlas of Florida Plants has a comprehensive searchable database of plants in the state of Florida.  Search for plants by scientific or common name.  This is an excellent tool for identifying plants.  Once you have your results you are able to view images of that plant, a distribution map and if the plant is native, not native or invasive.  Browse around and get familiar with Atlas of Florida Plants HERE!

Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council

Knowing what plants are invasive in Florida is just as important as learning about native plants.  Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council gives us a list of all the invasive plants in Florida, their distribution range, management plans and many publications to keep us informed and up to date. Visit Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council and stay informed HERE!



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